Cyberpunk Samurai vs Shinobi

Character designs
Super short description:
- Samurai are warriors, very high status in society.
Red samurai has a thick modified red skin that is like armor. Red is the color of his passion for battle and boiling character.
Likes to drink with comrades and writes poetry. Speaks highly of his colleague the white samurai.
- White samurai is cool and calm in the most heated situation. Her left arm is a big sheath, her sword is moved by the power of her will
and heart (thats why it is connected to her chest).

- Shinobi are hackers and terrorists, trying to take down the system.
Female shinobi is a big introvert and a hacker genius. Her tongue can "suck the life" out of any cyber brain.
While her colleague is detracting attention, she remains in shadows, hacking into systems.

- Male shinobi is too sure of him self and very narcissistic. Two robotic arms add to his "spider like" character.
He is agile and very dangerous, using different methods of distracting his opponents.

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Mood Board and inspirations

Albert urmanov sketches

Early sketches and ideas

Albert urmanov sketches2
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Albert urmanov shinobi hacker 2
Albert urmanov shinobi hacker


Albert urmanov shinobi hacker 3